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Login Register. Viewing 1 - 16 of Walking Your Path. Friday Gladheart. In stock now:. Northern Hemisphere Edition. Stacey Demarco. Practical Magic for Everyday Living. Samhain to Mabon Suzanne Ress. A full Moon always represents culmination, and symbolises the tension between Sun and Moon at this time. What comes to a head now may seem reckless, headstrong, or out of balance in some way. The astrology maps out a bit of a battle, with the fiery warrior Moon keen to get involved.

Tradition and the law, represented by Saturn in Capricorn , stand in the way as Saturn squares off with Sun and Moon, anchoring some of us with caution, fear, or an unwillingness to act as swiftly as an Aries Moon would like. Mars in intellectual Aquarius offers some balance. Channelling turbulent emotions, anger, or frustration by thinking things through or discussing events will help everyone this week. When people can find ways of working out their differences, this Moon will eventually clear the air. So some technological arguments, events, and news are likely — as is more remarkably stormy weather, high winds, and other natural upheavals.

If you have planets or points between 0 and 5 degrees in your own horoscope, this full Moon and her complex nest of aspects is likely to trigger strong feelings now, and during the next two weeks.


This Virgo new Moon brings heightened dreams and sensitivities. But before this becomes too fantastical and day-dreamy, our Sun and new Moon are neatly anchored by the powerful forces of Jupiter in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn. Our new Moon is in meticulous Virgo, favouring careful thought and planning.

The big, powerful dreams and opportunities of Jupiter and Pluto begin with small steps and tiny seeds. The next few weeks are full of down-to-earth practical energy, so why not use this vibrant new Moon to make a fresh start? If you have planets and points at around 15 - 18 degrees in your own personal horoscope, then this new Moon offers you a special cosmic energy boost this September. Or we could find ourselves dreaming of the past, yet finding something different there.

Or maybe we feel like creating something new from our memories, histories, or the stories of our families and ancestors. This important star was called the Watcher of the South, and has symbolic links to the Archangel Gabriel. Ancient Greeks aligned temples to the great mother goddess, Demeter, with the rising of Fomalhaut. Its meaning contains strands of magic, mysticism, and enchantment — together with a need to resist being bewitched by illusions, but to struggle to make visions and ideals manifest. This is a very Piscean message indeed — the two fishes can risk swimming too deeply, adrift in the world of imagination, or mind-altering substances, and are then unable to grasp reality.

With all the purposeful energy around, it would be a shame to let things slip through your fingers. Fortunately, we have some earthy energy around to ground us — Sun in Virgo opposite the Pisces full Moon is working harmoniously with Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. Saturn represents tradition and structure, while Uranus in Taurus is an innovative builder, gardener, and re-inventor or disruptor of financial systems.

This constructive blend of old and new is around throughout September. Our full Moon brings it to our attention now and during the next two weeks. This very fortunate star favours life, creativity, and emphasises the skill and effort needed to make dreams come true. So sweet full Moon dreams…. And why not write them down? They may carry a vital message for you from under the sea. Sun, Moon , and Mercury in Leo greet Jupiter — king, emperor, general, and all-round expander of dreams and waistlines.

Yet this is a masked ball, when the light of the Sun is obscured. All manner of assignations and secret exchanges are hidden from view, at least for a while. Neptune , that most mysterious planet, has also been invited, bringing the gifts of glamour, illusions, and fiendishly fishy magic tricks from his kingdom under the sea. Pluto , lord of the underworld in every way, watches from the shadows of 19 degrees of Capricorn. Our eclipse fairy tale warns of financial deception, investment bubbles, and complicated scandals now and in the next few months.

Mercury, aligned with the eclipse Sun and Moon, flags up gossip, media, and plenty of news stories with missing bits too. And, of course, we have genuine royal families as well. For the British Royal Family, the eclipse has a message that resonates with the more senior royals now, and over the next six months. Like many families, they share certain signs and degrees in common in their personal horoscopes. Since he was born on a dining room table in Corfu, the birth time may not be exact, and so his Leo Moon may be more or less precisely aligned with this eclipse.

Prince Charles 14 November, has generational Pluto at 16 Leo Princess Anne 15 August, has her Pluto at 17 Leo Prince Andrew 19 February, has Uranus at 18 Leo Prince Edward 10 March, has Neptune at 17 Scorpio We could expect to see some meaningful shifts in power, family attitudes towards society, and personal family dynamics for the Royal Family during the next few months. We could see arguments about who really created a work of art, a big business, or a technological invention.

These are eclipse themes too. With Jupiter in secretive Scorpio, and deceptive Neptune muddying the waters, more than one eclipse crisis is likely — with further information surfacing in October, when Mars energises the eclipse degree again. Eclipses tend to affect our global weather, natural events such as wild fires, and geophysical upheavals such as notable earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. In both life, and legal or financial matters, situations remain unclear in the days around this eclipse. There could be a widely publicised mysterious death, conflicting evidence in a big case, or reports about unreliable witnesses in the news.

Steer a steady course if at all possible. Your own personal horoscope is activated if you have planets or points at around 16 — 22 degrees of Leo and Aquarius. Taurus and Scorpio are also in the eclipse picture, but effects could be more subtle. Effects and themes will ripple along until January, , when the next set of eclipses come along. This deep partial eclipse is visible in northernmost Europe and Northeast Asia.

The Horoscope Junkie | Free Weekly Horoscopes, Love Scopes, Tarot Scopes and so much more!

Some fabulously solid, constructive astrological possibilities are all lined up for September. The eclipse should be widely visible, weather permitting. Totality is a whopping minutes. So how might it impact on us here on Earth? This eclipse will have a real, lasting impact on our collective emotions. Wild weather, earthquakes, dramatic volcanic eruptions and so on are more likely than usual this summer. If we act without considering others, or our own deepest feelings, we could inflict unnecessary hurt.

This could manifest as harsh words, careless driving, or sudden aggression ranging from arguments to road rage. The Aquarian Moon opposes the Sun in Leo , is aligned with warrior Mars in cool-headed Aquarius, and sparked off by revolutionary Uranus in stubborn Taurus. These are fixed signs, and suggest an obstinate atmosphere as people dig their heels in and refuse to budge. As with every full Moon, emotions will be close to the surface.

A full Moon represents the culmination of a cycle. It can be a positive time to let go of old patterns and ideas, or release blocked emotions. Just remember to take it easy, and be gentle with yourself — this intense eclipse is not the time for any kind of full-on purge. Some relationships and friendships could feel weird now. Does the head rule the heart, or vice versa?

Balance is a challenge. Our leaders, bosses, and those in authority in general are in focus — we can expect to see some upheavals or resignations over the next few weeks. The eclipse and its themes are re-energised towards the end of September, when Mars returns to 4 degrees of Aquarius, a degree that is now super-sensitive. Aquarian themes illuminated by this energetic eclipse include technology, electricity, humanitarian organisations, unions, and groups, inventive epiphanies, rebellions and upheavals. There may be spectacular electrical storms or outages. People could be in the mood to call a strike or join a mass protest.

Cyber warfare and hacking stories are likely to be prominent in our news. The eclipse and its themes are re-energised towards the end of September, when Mars returns to this degree of Aquarius, a degree that is now super-sensitive. If you have planets or points between 2 and 6 degrees of Aquarius, Leo, Taurus or Scorpio, your own personal horoscope is sending you an eclipse message.

Something is culminating for you, and a new phase will open out by the autumn in the area of life suggested by your particular planets and their houses. An astrologer can tell you more. Wishing you a peaceful lunar eclipse. Moon Diary Eclipse Special. This new Moon in her home sign, Cancer, is both a supermoon and partial solar eclipse — silvery, watery, emotional, and dynamic.

The effects of this eclipse will resonate for at least six months. Every supermoon a Moon closest to Earth in its monthly lunar cycle tends to intensify our feelings, our weather, and the likelihood of geophysical upheavals such as earthquakes, or notable volcanic eruptions. Astrology advises us to postpone radical decisions at such times, since eclipses have a reputation for revealing and concealing. Here, with both Sun and Moon in the dynamic Moon-ruled sign of Cancer, there are deep emotions, love, and gut feelings likely masked behind a deceptively calm shell.

Our homes and ancestry are highlighted, from our own personal lives to the wider history of humanity. Stories involving water, floods, and fluctuating moods are also swimming into our consciousness. Our Friday 13th solar eclipse is challenged by Pluto , lord of the underworld, currently travelling through Capricorn. Pluto can bring a focus on cleansing a situation — from our emotions to our environment, from corrupt power to rubbish disposal.

A global message is also being filtered through the fixed star, Castor , at 20 degrees of Cancer in the constellation of Gemini, the Twins. Castor is one of the starry Twins, the shining-bright brother who was a skilled horse tamer. Pollux is his shadowy sibling, the one more likely to create mischief. Castor is associated with story telling, words, language, and humour. Castor aligned with Sun and Moon suggests that juggling and communications skills will be very much needed to negotiate whatever this eclipse may highlight.

The eclipse brings up questions around leadership, bosses, and perhaps dealing with dramatic weather conditions in these locations. This eclipse is a meaningful one for the UK. Women, and prominent or famous women in particular — are very much in the eclipse spotlight. Events in the UK highlight a need for reform, regeneration, or signal an important, even chaotic, public event. Mars is at 20 Capricorn in the national horoscope for New Zealand With Pluto there, the eclipse stirs up intense energies and suggests news about actions, young men, upheavals and possibly fires, a heatwave, or an earthquake in the region.

This partial solar eclipse is visible, in part, in Adelaide and Melbourne, South Australia. This eclipse is important for you if you have natal planets or points at around 21 degrees of Cancer and Capricorn. People with those degrees of Aries or Libra in their personal horoscopes could notice some eclipse effects now and over the coming months too.

Serious business is coming to a head, and the voice of stern Saturn will be telling us all to persevere — if even the mountain path looks steep and rocky. The atmosphere is sober. Saturn in Capricorn aligns with the full Moon — this combination emphasises realism, and favours a robustly down-to-earth approach.

This is why the Moon aspected by Saturn is sometimes associated with disappointment or loneliness. Yet this is a self-disciplined full Moon too.

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Financial and other resources are an extra-important topic now. Events and debates may connect with what was brewing in December , when Saturn aligned with the Winter Solstice Sun in dynamic, ambitious Capricorn. Our parents, ancestors, or other older people particularly women in our lives are highlighted by this Moon. A Capricorn Moon opposite a silvery Cancer Sun loves history. And with five planets now rewinding, the past matters - it can impact on the present in interesting ways.

Some will reap what they have sown. So what have we absorbed from our history, backgrounds, and upbringing? Enter the rebel or outsider — for Saturn and the full Moon are livened up by eccentric Uranus in Taurus. Something old, something new….. Maybe your childhood was unusual in some way? Or maybe you longed for it to be less conventional? The past is co-operating with the present — and we realise that certain attitudes or habits of relating to others need to change, or be left behind.

Hungary 23rd October, for example, has ambitious, conservative Capricorn rising 7 degrees , Saturn in Capricorn 8 degrees , and Neptune in Capricorn 9 degrees. Excitable Uranus is there too 2 degrees. The news from Hungary this month could focus on boundaries and restrictions, people in authority and government, and perhaps some very stormy weather — emotionally, and in the form of real thunderstorms. Foreign interests, the law, religion, travel and education are topics for debate and perhaps some new legislation or restrictions too.

This includes the current US migration crisis, and more revelations are likely since full Moons bring things to a head, and Saturn never gives up. What he has built, and what he has said in the past are being challenged by realistic Saturn in Capricorn this year. In summer great baskets of bilberries and wild strawberries appeared. In autumn fresh cranberries, fungi and chestnuts were brought down from the Spanish chestnut woods.

In this way a dialogue between town and country was maintained A flirty gossip of a new Moon rises at 22 degrees of Gemini , against a backdrop of stars in one of the most twinkly regions of the night sky. The Gemini new Moon is a whirligig of information, communication, social media, and the exchange of ideas.

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If you want to see more of your friends, showcase your work, or promote your ideas in some way, this could be a favourable moment to begin. Mixing up a cocktail of humour and romance works well too. With Gemini, it always takes two — or more. Two asteroid goddesses accompany this Moon. Ceres , now classified as a dwarf planet, and Juno. Ceres in Leo highlights ideas about nature, and the cycles of time and destiny. So any light-hearted flirtations or temporary creative alliances we indulge in this month might just develop into something more lasting.

This blend of Juno and Ceres in fiery signs with an effervescent, airy Gemini Moon gives imagination, wit, with a pinch of destiny for flavour. Capella is a fortunate star, associated with the wild Greek goddess Artemis, and Diana, her Roman equivalent. El Nath is described as a weapon, and represents energetic force.

The energy of El Nath can be expressed positively or negatively. This duality is similarly symbolised by Gemini, the sign of the Twins, one bright and one more concealed and shadowy. Here is the potential for a fight or conflict of some kind — perhaps a battle of wills, or a clash of ideas blows up all over our news. People could be fighting for a good cause, or for all the wrong reasons. Definitely, with this new Moon, we must pick our battles with care. Balancing our love of gossip or flirtation with its sometimes damaging effects or unintended consequences is also an important theme for our Gemini new Moon.

The lord of the underworld, Pluto , makes an awkward appearance — suggesting that compromise is vital, and advising us to handle secret or sensitive information with great delicacy. There are many cosmic messages, and much information to sift through or process over the next four weeks. Take it easy, and remember not everything you hear is reliable, for we are in transition and approaching a powerful eclipse season in July and August.

A bold and extra-fiery full Moon rises at 8 degrees of Sagittarius on 29th May, Plenty of nimble energy bubbles up now. The Moon in outspoken Sagittarius is also quick-witted, restless, philosophical and warm-hearted. Together, they underline our need to travel, communicate, and ask questions — bringing certain situations to a head. We can expect lots of questions, and much debate around the time of this full Moon.


The Sun opposite the full Moon highlights an important pair of fixed stars, two of the most important stars in our night skies. The USA , for example, has disruptive Uranus at 8 degrees of Gemini in its founding national horoscope. So this full Moon and its starry companions energise that planet, suggesting that something disruptive — perhaps information — is surfacing, or erupting in the Gemini-ruled media now, and during the next two weeks.

Antares , now at 9 degrees Sagittarius, represents great, passionate power, and offers the potential for success but only as a result of some kind of transition or profoundly transformative process. There may also be something ruthless or intense to deal with.

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Antares is also linked in astrology to nuclear energy. Aldebaran , now at about 10 degrees of Gemini, also denotes success — but demands honesty and firm principles. There can be no cutting corners, shifting the blame, or using underhand tactics. These will backfire. What comes to the surface at this full Moon needs our full attention, plus our desire to be authentic and true to ourselves. It rises at 24 degrees of sensuous Taurus, the Bull. Talkative, musical Mercury has just entered Taurus, while electrifying Uranus, planet of revolution and awakening, begins a seven-year journey through Taurus today.

Although that includes money, of course, it also includes our spiritual values — and what we treasure in our lives. Extra-potent energy is all around us now. Capulus , in the constellation of Perseus, represents masculine force and sometimes struggles, battles, and action. It can suggest sexual energy too. Algol has a dire, even demonic, reputation as a star of terrible mass events, catastrophes, or dramatic natural upheavals.

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However, Algol is found in the natal horoscopes of many highly creative and forceful individuals. So this is no ordinary new Moon in Taurus, and could signal dramatic moments in our world. Yet by tuning into love, kindness, and the pleasures of nature we can, I think, benefit from its life-affirming, positive vibrations now, and in the month ahead.

The Sun is in security-minded Taurus, pulling against the bewitching full Moon in Scorpio, the sign of rebirth. Letting go of something, or even clearing out a cupboard, can help to balance out the inevitable tension. Our witchy Moon has strong ties to the past. It opens up history and memories of our own pasts, while highlighting the back-stories all around us. This adds to the potential for a brooding, dramatic phase. Things could be pretty edgy for a few days. At the time of that eclipse, planets at degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius were vitalised, and remain super-sensitive now.

Once again, the dwarf planet Ceres is involved, as it was at the eclipse. Ceres is currently in royal Leo, where you can imagine her as something of a matriarch or queen. On another level, Ceres calls attention to the cycles of birth and death — in our lives, and in our natural environment.

Walpurgis Night is May Eve, a magical time when we sense what lies beneath and beyond ourselves. The astrology for this full Moon is complex and subtle, suggesting that our spring-time rituals should be simple, and aim to clear a space for stability and harmony as May begins. A harum-scarum new Moon rises in impetuous Aries at 26 degrees on 15th or 16th April, depending on your time zone.

This new Moon crackles with the added oomph of an alignment with Uranus , planet of electricity, surprises, and upsets. We can expect restless, even rebellious, crowds to speak out forcefully now, and on into the merry month of May. Some of this will be very positive, some of it is likely to disturb many of us. This is also an inventive phase, when original insights and innovations can foster new ways of thinking about current dilemmas. Mercury turns direct on 15th April too, adding another layer of urgency to make a start or speak out.

Delayed news or information is now free to emerge, potentially changing our decisions. Since then, each new Moon has aligned with Uranus in some way or another. Anyone with planets at around 26 degrees in their natal horoscope may have noticed at least an undercurrent of restlessness, unusual thoughts, or odd events. This might include Donald Trump, whose natal action planet, Mars, is at 26 degrees of dramatic Leo.

Jupiter in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn are currently boosting confidence, and focusing on the meaning of power, knowledge, and money in our world, and in our own lives. They connect with our high-energy new Moon, adding to a strong feeling that this spring is a turning point or pivotal moment. What kind of changes are we initiating now?

A significant number of national horoscopes around the world are switched on by this new Moon and its planet patterns. In the USA, the Moon triggers much talk of historical events, widely-held beliefs, and famous individuals. These spark an upsurge of questions about where America is heading. This new Moon certainly favours new beginnings. But taking some time to think about these carefully would be wise.

Keeping a note of wild and wondrous ideas could help too. A Libran full Moon favours notions of balance and diplomacy.